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Accounting standards and policies in Vietnam have been constantly undergoing significant changes in order to keep pace with updated international standards and practices. Therefore, preparing financial statements and tax reports becomes a time-consuming task that requires a lot of company resources, which is especially taxing for new companies lacking the ability to train and hire skilled accountants. As a result, outsourcing all accounting and tax responsibilities to a specialized accounting service provider has emerged as the most viable, effective, and economical solution for a significant number of companies.

With an experienced accounting team who is providing Accounting services for a large number of companies, HATT commits to providing the highest quality with the aim to help clients achieve cost-effective control and tax compliance.

At the moment, we offer two different packages for Accounting and Tax Services:

Package 1: Financial Report Preparation, Tax Declaration

In this package, our team will handle the following scope work

  Advising Client about Legal, Tax and Accounting Policy

  Implementing insurance payments including Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and Labor Issuance for all staff as required by Vietnam Labor Law

  Register for issuing Commercial Invoice

  Assisting client in paying Company Tax and Corporate Income Tax

  Declaring monthly and quarterly taxes

Package 2: Full Accounting Services.

  In this package, our team will act fully as the accounting function of your company. Your company will not need to handle any accounting work. The package will include the following scope work:

  Tax Declaration; Preparing Annual company tax declaration; Preparing monthly, quarterly taxes reports including VAT, Corporate Income Tax, and Personal Income Tax.; Preparing financial report

  Arranging and keeping Accounting documents; Recording and bookkeeping all financial activities; Checking inputting and outputting documents to comply with Accounting Standards of Vietnam

  Tax and Labor Consulting and Explaining; Advising on labor, payroll, and issuance issues

  Working with and explaining to tax agent when required

  Working with Auditing firm when required

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