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This is different to engaging any other lawyer – breaking the box. Our In-house Counsel service provides clients with the benefit of an in-house lawyer – distinctly different to engaging external lawyers. This service offers the best of an in-house counsel model – a highly qualified lawyer on-demand who intimate with your business and its appetite for risk – while managing your costs.

At HATT Consulting, we can take care of your everyday legal matters as an in-house counsel. We can work from your premises and remotely, attend meetings, video-conferences or tele-conferences and participate in board meetings or negotiations, as need dictates. Last but not least, our use of technology brings us closer to our clients. This means that we are comfortable developing relationships with your business’ leaders and working with them whenever necessary, on an on-demand basis and at a lower cost.

Bespoke customizes the level of legal support you require, eliminating peaks and troughs and delivering cost certainty. Our in-house counsel service will save you money; it is more affordable than a full-time attorney. This enables you to have access to a dedicated legal service, at a fixed monthly price. You benefit from: the elimination of peaks and troughs; cost certainty; and complete transparency in relation to legal spend.

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