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HATT Consulting has experience in dealing with virtually every type of labor & employment lawyer issue that may confront a business. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of government affirmative action requirements and can fluently advise clients on compliance with the labor laws. Whether our clients are emerging or established businesses, we partner with our clients to achieve a competitive edge in a full range of labour and employment lawyer issues that affect our clients’ “bottom line.”

We get to know our clients and their industries assist them in devising solutions to employment problems that affect the efficiency and productivity of our client’s workforce.

Our major deals include the followings among others:

  Regulatory issues: advising on regulatory issues in relation to recruitment, employment and termination of labour contracts.

  Employment documents: drafting, negotiating and amending labour contracts, office rules and collective labour agreements.

  Licensing requirements: advising on the obtaining of work permits for expatriates, registration of office rules and collective labour agreements.

  Labour dispute: mediating and reconciling labour disputes, representing clients before Vietnamese courts for settlement of personal and collective labour disputes.

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