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The well-drafted contract is a composite of many provisions, dealing with an enormous variety of issues, some more important than others. Any contract is not just a compilation of its provisions, but the reflection of a number of functional and business decisions. During negotiations, your standard provisions need to be informatively adjusted to the circumstances of your individual transaction (e.g., different beginning-of-negotiations provisions should be used if you are buyer or seller).

HATT Consulting can provide advice on any contract issues faced by your comp- any – whether it is one negotiation or creating a system for you. We can review and revise your contracts procedures to meet current standards or create contracts policies for you. Our business lawyers understand the need to be practical so that the contracts get signed and the contract is not an end in itself; it is a tool to achieve profitability with secure relationships with customers and suppliers.Ask us to describe our experience and these contract types to you.

We are available for the following contracts work:

  Review and negotiate contracts

  Audit your contract system

  Draft contracts procedures

  Create standard clauses

  Draft a contracts manual

  Consult on your contracts system

  Create standard negotiating positions, from beginning positions to “no-less-than” positions

  Conduct training seminars for contract or procurement personnel

  Review bid response systems

  Represent clients in arbitration and litigation.

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